Plant adaptation according to CEI 0-16

With resolution no. ARG/elt 198/11 and subsequent amendments, new rules have been introduced to improve the quality of the service and ARERA, the Regulatory Authority for Energy, Networks and the Environment, has imposed the reduction and monitoring of interruptions in the energy distribution service 'Electric energy.

The introduction of these standards makes it obligatory for each MV User to adapt their own Electrical Substation as prescribed by them.

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An inadequate system, in addition to causing malfunctions to the network to which it is connected, causing damage to the operator and users, is included in a Black-List of inadequate MV Users to which, as a penalty, it is automatically applied the CTS (Specific Tariff Consideration) as compensation for adequate users and for the Grid Operator for anomalies caused to the grid.

The adaptation of the same, through the adoption of suitable Protection Systems designed to prevent any faults arising on your plant from affecting the public network, allows the certification of the plant through the Declaration of Adequacy and will place the plant in a White-List of Adequate MT Users who receive automatic compensation from the Operator from inadequate users.

DELTA TECHNOLOGY adapts existing plants to CEI 0-16 by updating and recertifying, where possible, the existing DGs or by replacing them with MV switchboards protected for indoors, certified and compliant with CEI 0-16 Technical Connection Rules.

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