ENEL Electrical Substations - DG 2061 Ed.09 - Distribution

E-Distribution approved Electric Cabin type DG 2061 Ed.09 - Distribution

Cabina Elettrica omologata E-Distribuzione, utilizzata come sottostazione di trasformazione MT/BT. Le Cabine Elettriche DG 2061 Ed. 09 - Distribuzione sono costituite essenzialmente da due manufatti in c.a.v., il Box e la Vasca di fondazione.

Essa viene fornita completa di tutte le sue parti ad esclusione delle apparecchiature principali (Quadro MT, Trasformatore, Quadro BT e cavi).

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The external walls are treated with a water-repellent plastic wall covering consisting of high-quality synthetic resins, quartz powder, coloring oxides and additives that guarantee perfect anchoring on the product, resistance to atmospheric agents even in industrial and marine environments, color inalterability in sunlight and stability to sudden changes in temperature. The basic colors of the cabin are RAL 1011 (beige-brown) for the external walls and RAL 7001 (silver-gray) for the roof, the internal walls and the ceiling are painted white.

Data sheet
  • Typology
    CSS-5 E

  • Reference specification
    DG 2061 Ed. 09

  • Dimensions (L x P x h)
    Cabin: 5.710 x 2.500 x 2.600 mm
    Basin:  5.670 x 2.440 x 600 mm
  • Weight
    Cabin: 16 t
    Basin:     6 t
  • Finitura
    Cabin: Plastic

  • Color
    Cabin: RAL 1011

  • Dotation
    Wind blowers
    Tunnel roofing elements
    Covering plate in VTR
    Rack cabinet
    Canalette cable entry system
    PC table
    Binder / document holder
    Support frame BT
  • Fixtures
    DG2061 / 1: Fiberglass windows
    DG2061 / 2: Galvanized and painted steel frames
    DG2061 / 3: Stainless steel frames

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