SERIE CSS-PLUS (Concrete Sub Station Plus)

"CSS-Plus" Electrical Substation are designed, in full accordance with the main CEI regulations harmonized with the international regulations IEC EN 62271-202, and are manufactured and tested in our premises and can be fully equipped in our factory supplied to our customer's ready for installation and start-up.

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Consisting in prefabricated reinforced concrete monoblock with Larger dimensions than standards, CSS-Plus cabin has the convenience of having a removable roof, allowing the loading of equipment from the top, making easy the installation of large items or totally assembled units (LV or MV panels , big Transformers , Inverters, etc.)

The box is equipped with trace lighting system with a small board for auxiliary services, an internal ground connection circuit

The box can be supplied with different internal fittings, so as to better fulfill the most varied technical and commercial requirements and may be equipped with fiberglass or stainless steel as well as our galvanized sheet fittings.

Doors and windows can be placed according with electrical project needs. Finishing may be sand-blasted and powder-painted, for outdoor use.

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