ENEL Electrical Substations - DG 10197

Electrical substation certified type "Microbox" ENEL DG10197

The "MICROBOX" is designed to make a connection with the MV network in antenna for low voltage distribution in rural areas and, in the modernization of the plant, instead of the classic transformer pole.
The box allows to contain a transformer having a maximum power of 250 kVA whose MV side will be directly connected in the cable, while the LV side will be connected to the cabinet for switch BT DS 4548 which in turn will be interconnected to the Controller.

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The Electrical substation is normally delivered without equipment and fixtures and accessories with the following components:

  • door with two doors fiberglass
  • two grids fiberglass
  • Oil collection container
  • panel for the introduction of the foil voltage detector
  • cabinets made of fiberglass framework for BT and the Concentrator

The external color of the cabin Electric is green RAL 6005.

Data sheet
  • Typology
    DG 10197

  • Reference specifications
    ENEL DG 10197 Ed.3

  • Dimensions (L x P x h)
    Cabin: 2.140 x 2.200 x 1.600 mm

  • Weight
    Cabin + Roof: 4,5 t

  • Finishing
    Cabin: Plastic
    Roof: Liquid sheath / slated sheath
  • Color
    Cabin body:  RAL 6005 / RAL 9005
    Roof: RAL 7001

  • Equipment
    BT picture holder frame

  • Fixtures
    Door with two doors in fiberglass
    2 Ventilation grids in fiberglass

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