SERIE CSS (Concrete Sub Station)

The cabins in the series CSS "STANDARD" are designed, in full accordance with the main CEI regulations harmonized with the international regulations IEC EN 62271-202.
This Substations "CSS - 1÷7", may have variable lengths up to 8 m depending on configuration, usage and customer needs, have a width of 2.5 m and a height of 2.6 m.

They can be placed on a on-site-made special foundation (according with our indications) or on the prefabricated base supplied by us on request.

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The CSS series in addition to receiving the fiberglass fixtures ENEL type, may be provided on request the installation of in Galvanized Steel type "AIRCAB" fittings.

The fixtures "AIRCAB" type have been specially designed to ensure maximum protection for the operator / public and the better housing Thermal Class.

Thanks to the conformation and the characteristics of the material they are made with, that is, Galvanized Steel, which is, during the production process, micro-sandblasted and painted with epoxy-polyester powder for outdoor, they allows a rapid and the natural dissipation of internal heat produced by the equipment (see table below)


Fixtures type Net ventilation (cm2) Thermal conductivity "k" [W/m°C]
Fiberglass double door 1.100 0,3
"AIRCAB" double door 6.500 73
Fiberglass Ventilation Grid 1200x500[mm] 2.600 0,3
"AIRCAB" Ventilation Grid 1200x500[mm] 5.500 73


STANDARD FINISHINGS Beige-Brown (RAL 1011) Grey (RAL 7001) White (RAL 9010)
Outer walls
Interior walls    

Other finishes and colors, on request.

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