ENEL "DG 2061" type Electrical Substations

Electric Substation used by the Utilities as MV/LV Transformer Substation. It is normally supplied complete but without the internal equipment (MV & LV Panel, Transformer and connection cables) wich are normally supplied by the Utilities.

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The Electrical Substations DG 2092 basically consist in two Prefabricated main components made in vibrated reinforced concrete: the "Cabin" and the "Foundation Base".

The standard colors of the Cabin are RAL 1011 (beige-brown) for the outer walls and RAL 7001 (silver-gray) for the roof. The interior walls and ceiling are painted white color, the floor is covered with an anti-acid and water repellent sheath layer.

Ficha de datos
  • Tipología
    CSS-5 E

  • Especificación de referencia
    DG 2061 ed. 07/08

  • Dimensiones (L x P x h)
    Cabina: 5.710 x 2.500 x 2.600 mm
    Tina:  5.670 x 2.440 x 600 mm
  • Weight
    Cabina: 16 t
    Tina:     6 t
  • Refinamiento
    Cabina: Plástico

  • Color
    Cabina: RAL 1011

  • Certificación
    CE marking

  • Legislación de referencia
    IEC 62271-202 e CEI EN 62271-202.

  • Equipo
    Marco portafotos LV
    Placas de recubrimiento para cables de MT
  • Accesorios
    Puerta de dos hojas homologada ENEL DS 919 / DS 918
    Rejillas de ventilación homologadas ENEL DS 927 / DS 926
    Aspirador eolítico en acero inoxidable

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